What is Medi-Live?

Medi-Live is a telehealth platform that allows patients to visit doctors remotely through a private and secure audio/video call. The Medi-Live platform can collect patient vitals and record interactions. It gives an easy, convenient, and flexible option to get timely care at a lower cost to both the doctor and patient. Medi-Live makes offering remote patient monitoring (RPM), chronic care management (CCM), and behavioral health integration (BHI) practical.

High Quality Care – No Matter Where you Are

Better clinical data

Collects patient vitals through remote patient monitoring.

Better documentation

Video archives, speech recognition transcription, and eventually auto-scribe capabilities

Less liability vs. EMR alone

A video is worth a million words

Better care

More patients seen and more services offered such as RPM, CCM, BHI

Blends into background

Less tech intense – Clinicians can be clinicians

No upfront costs

Pay as you go, better reimbursement

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